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Mrs. Thomas' Favorite Books

Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss

Sam does not like Green Eggs and Ham. He does not like them here or there. He does not like them anywhere and does not want to try it at all. He is finally convinced to try it, and guess what.....


Lexile Measure: 210L


I would use this in the classroom when teaching about Rhyme.  We would eat green eggs and ham (of course) and do a egg rhyme matching activity. 

Mrs. Thomas' Booklike pick

Hooray for Reading Day! - Margery Cuyler, Arthur Howard

Jessica worried about everything, especially reading. She was not a great reader.... yet. They were having Reading Day at school. She overcame her fear and read without any mistakes and then loved to read to her dog every night. 


Lexile Measure: AD500L


I would use this to show students that others also have trouble reading. I would do a writing activity where the students write how they feel about reading aloud. 

Mrs. Thomas' Booklike pick

Amazing Grace - Mary Hoffman, Caroline Binch

Grace took many adventures by reading books. She acted out all of the characters. Grace tried out for Peter Pan and was amazing. She got the part even tough she was told that she didn't fit the part.


Lexile Measure: 680L


I would use this in the classroom to teach kids that they can be anything.  I would have a creative writing activity to tell what they wanted to be. 

Mrs. Thomas' Booklike pick

Sneezy the Snowman - Maureen Wright, Stephen Gilpin

Sneezy the Snowman keeps getting cold. He wants things to warm him up, but he keeps choosing the wrong things. The kids keep helping rebuild him and figure out a way to keep him warm without making him melt. 


Lexile Measure: AD500L


I would use this with an activity where the students made a melted snowman out of puff paint and a writing activity where they tell why their snowman melted.



Mrs. Thomas' Favorite Books

Room on the Broom - Axel Scheffler, Julia Donaldson

The witch and the cat are happy together and fly around on the broom. A sequence of events have them meeting new friends and the witch decides to bring the friends with them on the broom. When tragedy strikes, all of the new friends come to the rescue and they discover a solution to make room on the broom for everyone. 


Lexile Measure: AD600L


I would use this with a sequencing activity. I have also used it in a classroom when I was the mystery reader and I dressed up as the witch and we did bubbling cauldrons.  

Mrs. Thomas' Favorite Books

The Gruffalo - Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler

The mouse is a smart fellow. He keeps running into animals who want to eat them, but tell them he is meeting the Gruffalo and explains how big and scary he is so they will leave him alone. But then, he finds a Gruffalo. What will happen next?


Lexile Measure: AD510L


I would use this with an activity where the students could make their own Gruffalo and use with Gruffalo sequencing cards.

Mrs. Thomas' Booklike pick

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - Bill Martin Jr., John Archambault, Lois Ehlert

All of the letters are climbing up to the top of the coconut tree, but it starts to get extremely heavy! The whole alphabet made it up, but the tree starts to lean. Oh no, what will happen next? 

Lexile Measure: AD530L


I would use this book along with with an activity where the students would put the letters of their name in the coconut tree and have a small writing activity at the bottom where they fill in My name is ________ and I have _____ letters in my name. 

Mrs. Thomas' Favorite Books

Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

Max gets sent to bed without supper for being a "Wild Thing". He goes to his room and it turns into a jungle and he sails to where the wild things are to be "King of the Wild Things". He decided to go home and finds his supper, still hot, in his room. 


Lexile Measure: AD740L


I would use this in a classroom activity where the students would make their own "Wild Thing".

Mrs. Thomas' Favorite Books

[(There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat! )] [Author: Lucille Colandro] [Aug-2005] - Lucille Colandro

There Was an Old Lady that Swallowed a Bat is exactly what the title says it is. But why did she swallow the bat? We have no idea, but she swallows a series of other things as well and has good reasons for swallowing those. 


Lexile Measure: 400


I would use this book with a sequencing activity where the students would cut out the items she swallowed and put them in order. 

Mrs. Thomas' Booklike pick

Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type - Doreen Cronin, Betsy Lewin

The cows have learned to type and are making demands to Farmer Brown.  He is not going to take demands from cows! The cows start striking and make a deal to get what they want. 


Lexile Measure: AD470L


I would use this with a writing activity. The students would write a note to Farmer Brown telling them what they want. 

Mrs. Thomas' Favorite Books

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons - Eric Litwin, James Dean

Pete is wearing his favorite shirt, the one with the 4 groovy buttons. When he loses one, he doesn't cry. Goodness, No! He continues to sing. 


Lexile Measure: AD350L 


I would use this with an activity in which the students would color sort buttons and count out buttons of certain colors. 

Llama Llama Red Pajama - Anna Dewdney

. Baby Llama gets all tucked in and his mama leaves the room. He gets worried and when he calls her and she does not come back immediately. He starts a  fit of wailing and weeping, finally bringing his panic-stricken mother running back to his room. After her reassurance, Baby Llama settles and drifts off to sleep. 


Lexile Measure: AD420L


I would use this in a classroom with an activity where students can color and decorate their own pajamas. I also thing the Roll-a-LLama game would be a great activity.

Mrs. Thomas' Booklike pick

A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon

Camilla loves lima beans, but won't eat them because kids will make fun of her. she comes down with a bad case of the stripes and all of the kids make fun of her. She keeps changing colors and no one can help her until and old woman comes and feeds her lima beans to cure her stripes. 

Lexile Measure: 610


I would use this with an activity from Teachers pay Teachers where the students will color Camilla's stripes in a color by number worksheet activity. I would also use it as a character lesson on being yourself.

Mrs. Thomas' Favorite Books

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - Laura Joffe Numeroff, Felicia Bond

A young boy explains that if you give a mouse a cookie, you may end up doing a ton of other things and just end up exhausted by the end of the day. Who would have thought giving a mouse a cookie could start such a tiring sequence of events?


Lexile Measure: AD410L


I would use this in the classroom along with a cookie counting activity in which the students would add "chocolate chips" (using bingo markers) to circles (aka cookies). It would also make a great sequencing activity. And of course we would have to have cookies for snack!

Mrs. Thomas' Favorite Books

The Day the Crayons Quit - Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers

Duncan just wants to color, but when he opens his box of crayons, he finds only letters.  The letters are hilarious and from his crayons. They all quit! Duncan finds a solution for them all to be happy. 

Lexile Measure: AD730L


I would use this in the classroom with a writing/coloring activity. There would be pictures of all of the crayons and the students would trace the names of each color and then color the crayon the correct color. 

Mrs. Thomas' Favorite Books

The Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister, J. Alison James

Rainbow Fish is about a fish who is not friendly to other fish and ends up lonely. He receives great advice from the Octopus to share his scales. Once he gives away his prized possessions he has lots of fish friends and is happy.


Lexile Measure: AD610L


I would use this in the classroom to make a Rainbow Fish paper plate activity in which they would make their own Rainbow Fish. I would also use a printable to lable the parts of the rainbow fish (tail, fins, scales, etc.)